University of Canberra
CURF Book Launch - Mundey and the Green Bans - 12 May 2017
Posted 28 April 2017 4:15pm

The Mundey story, published in 2016, is not simply that of a small-town boy making good in the big smoke. Yes: he grew up in a small north Queensland town and later made Sydney his home; but more importantly, his achievements in heritage conservation and grassroots politics led to his becoming a role model for those on both sides of politics who were incensed by the greed and bulldozer mentality displayed by key players (both public and private) during much of the era covered by the book.

A panel discussion on Green Bans, heritage conservation and Jack Mundey with Author James Colman, Dr Tracey Ireland (Creative & Cultural Practice, Faculty of Arts & Design) and David Flannery (Chair ACT Heritage Council)

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