University of Canberra
CURF Seminar Series 2018 - Prof Barbara Norman - 16 April 2018
Posted 19 March 2018 1:14pm

CURF Director Professor Barbara Norman will present the key messages from her recently published book Sustainable Pathways for our Cities and Regions: Planning within planetary boundaries.

In conversation will be Emma Thomas (Director-General, Transport Canberra & City Services) and Robyn Hendry (CEO, Canberra Business Chamber) who will examine and discuss what the key messages might be for future Canberra - bringing the global to the local.

The book builds on the recent publications on cities and climate change, resilient cities and coasts, and sustainable cities, and looks at the ways in which current planning approaches need to be adapted to embrace concepts including green growth, planetary boundaries, healthy cities and longer-term sustainability.

When:  5.30pm to 7.00pm Monday 16 April 2018

Where:  Ann Harding Conference Centre, Building 24 University of Canberra

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