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International Seminar 2017 - 'Global governance of climate adaptation? Drivers, claims and politics' - Dr Asa Persson
Posted 25 January 2017 1:12pm

The issue of climate adaptation continues to gain status internationally since the Paris Agreement in 2015. Yet little is known about what, who, how and why it is actually governed when it comes to climate adaptation at the global level.

Åsa discussed the rationale of adaptation governance, the degree of obligation and precision of existing adaptation rules and norms, the focus of adaptation governance in other international institutions, using a new database of some 35 intergovernmental organisations.

She explained the global governance landscape and its nature by considering drivers, claims and politics. She asked, is adaptation governance merely a side-payment to generate agreement on mitigation commitments? Can adaptation be seen as global public good requiring international governance in its own right, and who is making such claims? What are international institutions' motives for engaging with adaptation?

Dr Åsa Persson is Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute and theme leader of the Transforming Governance theme. She currently leads a four-year research project on global governance of climate adaptation, funded by the Swedish Research Council. Her research has been published in, e.g., Nature, Nature Climate Change, Environment & Planning C, Ecological Economics, International Environmental Agreements, Ambio and Climate Policy.

Dr Åsa Persson, Stockholm Environment Institute
Wednesday, 1 February 2017
University of Canberra

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