University of Canberra
Watch on-line - CURF International Seminar - 24 March 2017 - Brent Toderian - Place based development
Posted 15 March 2017 5:09pm

Brent's presentation can be viewed here:

This seminar brought to Canberra one of Vancouver’s leading thinkers in density and design to discuss insights into the shaping of some of the world’s most liveable cities including waterfronts, skylines, place-making, public place design and street activation strategies and next generation transit-oriented development (TOD) initiatives, compact and inclusive; a centre for innovation, creativity and economic growth. Brent adressed how business can both thrive and contribute in achieving these outcomes.

Brent is President of the Council for Canadian Urbanism and a past Director of City Planning in Vancouver. He is a global thought-leader on cities, and award-winning practitioner with over 23 years’ experience in advanced urbanism, city planning and urban design. Brent assists cities, agencies and progressive developers in creative and responsible city-building around the world. He has advised many global cities, including Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Sydney, Auckland, Medellin and many Canadian cities.

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