University of Canberra
This seminar brought to Canberra one of Vancouver’s leading thinkers in density and design to discuss insights into the shaping of some of the world’s most liveable cities.
Housing Affordability: Are we there yet? Expert panel discussion with (pictured from left to right) Travis Gilbert, Suzanne Orr MLA and Alan Morschel (with chair Prof Barbara Norman)
The lecture combined a presentation of the basic principles and strategies of the Foundation including the practice of tendering and project allocation based on concept quality with built examples between HafenCity Hamburg, Werkbundstadt Berlin and New Urban Districts in various parts of Germany.
Prof Barbara Norman, Dr Anthony Burton & Ms Tayanah O'Donnell talk about CURF's work.
The expert panel of Barbara Norman, Simon Corbell and Dorte Ekelund considered the UN Habitat 3 program and responded to its applicability and relevance to the challenge for mid-sized cities and regional centres such as Canberra.