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CURF Seminar 7 November 2016 The New Urban Agenda – reporting on UN Habitat 3 and what it means for Australia and Canberra
Posted 24 October 2016 11:15am

The October UN Habitat III conference in Ecuador sets a new urban agenda for the 21st Century that charts new pathways in response to the challenges of urbanisation and opportunities for implementation of the sustainable development goals utilising a diverse group of urban actors.

Key topics of the new agenda for the 21 Century are: Urban and Demographic, Land and Urban Planning, Environment and Urbanization, Urban Governance and Legislation, Urban Economy, and Housing and Basic Services.

The panel of speakers was:

Barbara Norman – Chair and Professor Urban and Regional Planning, Director of CURF. Director of CURF
Dorte Ekelund - Adjunct Professor University of Canberra
Simon Corbell – Adjunct Professor University of Canberra

This panel considered the UN Habitat 3 program and responded to its applicability and relevance to the challenge for mid-sized cities and regional centres such as Canberra.

Seminar on Youtube

Copy of Adjunct Professor Simon Corbell's presentation


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