University of Canberra
Research Projects
Ecological responses to lake drawdown
State/Territory: ACT

Constructed lakes are central features of Canberra's urban landscape that provide water quality, flood management, recreation and conservation services to the urban areas. The past 10 years of drought in south eastern Australia has focused attention on water in the lakes and ponds to meet demand for non-potable water. Harvesting water from the lakes will fundamentally change their water level regime and may affect their capacity to provide the services for which they were designed. A combination of historical data, field observations and information from published studies is being used to construct a Bayesian network model to predict the consequences of changing lake level regimes.

Geographic location:
Canberra, focused field studies on Lake Ginninderra, Point Hutt Pond and Upper Stranger Pond, but is relevant to all urban lakes and ponds.
Research theme:
Climate Change and Sustainability
Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra
eWater CRC, ACT Government
Funding agency:
University of Canberra
Main researchers:
Dr Fiona Dyer, University of Canberra
01 Feb 2009 - 01 Feb 2011