University of Canberra
Research Projects
Climate change and rural communities: Integrated study of physical and social impacts, health risks & adaptive options.
State/Territory: ACT

This project is investigating the effects of climate change on extreme weather events (exemplified by bushfire) for rural communities in south eastern Australia. This will help to identify implications for physical and mental health and for food yield, availability and accessibility. The nature of projected changes to bushfire regimes in response to climate change will be characterised for regional rural areas. This, together with newly-collected, modelled and existing data sets, will assist in developing an improved understanding of existing causal pathways and inter-relationships (interactive/modulating effects, feedbacks) between extreme weather events (bushfires) and their effects on physical and mental health risks arising from acute and prolonged climate-induced stress, loss and change, and to food yields, quality, access and price, household incomes, and diet-related physical and mental health risks. From this integrated analysis, optimal adaptive strategies to lessen health and food risks in response to climate altered bushfire regimes will be proposed.

Geographic location:
Australian Capital Region (ACR) including the ACT
Research theme:
Health and Wellbeing
National Centre for Epidemiology and population Health, and Fenner School of Environment and Society, The Australian National University
Funding agency:
Main researchers:
Dr Tony McMichael, Dr Sharon Friel, Dr Helen Berry, Dr Geoff Cary
01 Jul 2010 - 31 Dec 2012