University of Canberra
Research Projects
Catchment and Community: Towards a management-focused dynamical study of the ACT water system
State/Territory: ACT

The project developed an overview of the interplay between the socio-biophysical variables that can affect the resilience and sustainability of the ACT water system. It investigated the feasibility of carrying out a dynamical study that would help water researchers and managers to improve their understanding of the system. The project included workshops that were designed to promote an integrative discussion, across research and management silos, of system structure and dynamical effects.

An approach, called 'Integrative Conceptual Modelling' (ICM), was applied to the task of building a comprehensive approach to water management issues in the ACT. ICM is a collaborative endeavour that focuses on (a) the construction of simple, conceptual models that capture the essential interaction-driven aspects of system behaviour, and (b) the use of those models to improve the community's understanding of the system.

Causal-loop diagrams were drawn to capture the management perspectives of the Cotter Catchment for different purposes, and stock-and-flow models were developed as the starting points for more extended investigations.

Geographic location:
Canberra and its water catchments in ACT and NSW
Research theme:
Climate Change and Sustainability
ACTEW Corporation
Funding agency:
ACTEW Corporation
Main researchers:
Dr Katrina Proust and Dr Barry Newell
01 Jul 2005 - 31 Jul 2006