University of Canberra
5 February 2014
5 February 2014
Opinion Piece in "The Conversation", Prof Barbara Norman, 31 January 2014.
19 June 2013
Coastal Urban Climate Futures in South East Australia from Wollongong to Lakes Entrance is an investigation into possible coastal urban futures to 2030 and beyond. The study focus is on coastal adaptation in the context of climate change. It is broad in its scope by considering environmental, social and economic change in the south east coastal region. It has a multi-disciplinary approach to the spatial and temporal dimension in considering action on the ground. It involves seven local government areas, two Australian eastern sea board states and several regional organisations and decision makers, thus exploring critical governance issues. The research uses a range of methods, including a review of relevant literature and government reports, local case studies, targeted focus groups and fieldwork. The outcome is an integrated framework for describing what a climate adapted coastal community may be like in 2030.
17 June 2013
An exhibition of visual art, 1 – 5 November 2013, Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre and Retravision shop, Imlay Street, Eden NSW