University of Canberra
17 June 2012
A report prepared by Dr Bob Webb (ANU Climate Change Institute) for the ACT Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and Environment, which included a synthesis of recent and current work at the national, regional and local levels relevant to potential climate futures for the ACT and region. It also assesses related climate risks to ACT nature reserves (which can also be characterised as significant remnants of the South Eastern Australian grassy woodlands and grasslands ecosystems, now amongst the most threatened ecosystems in Australia), and proposes responses to these risks.
17 June 2012
CURF Report for the ACT Government, 14 December 2012
1 December 2011
CURF's bi-annual report for years 2010-2011
31 August 2011
The purpose of this paper is to explain the origins of CURF and its objectives; describe the regional context of CURF; outline the nature and scope of the CURF platform; discuss how resilience can be strengthened through collaboration, and consider the potential contribution of CURF to long-term change.
6 February 2010
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6 February 2010
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