University of Canberra
Authenticity in City Design Innovation
Posted 7 March 2016 8:00pm

Authenticity in City Design Innovation

Carlos noted that urban interventions in city revitalisation now focus on an art led approach to draw economic strength.
Through adaptive reuse of tired building stock, “Retro chic“ façades and ornamentation with a splash of graffiti art new urban spaces are promoted as attractive to youth, innovators and creative starts ups.
This concept transplanted to Canberra has pitfalls and nuances for exploring what it means to be ‘authentic’ in today’s post-industrial urban environments. He said it is time to look for an alternative way of engaging in the city and redesign of the CBD, awakening to new possibilities in planning that brings media arts, graphic and industrial design to the planning discussion on city centres.
Carlos took up the challenge of city centre revitalisation and addressed how the city might achieve “the realness”.

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