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CURF Seminar | Monday 15 July 2019 | "A city deal for Canberra and the Region"
Posted 19 June 2019 10:37am

This is the third seminar in the 2019 CURF Seminar Series.  The event was jointly hosted by CURF and the ACT Chapter of the Planning Institute of Australia.  

Monday 15 July 2019


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Chris Berry Presentation Notes


Welcome and Seminar Moderator
Dr Maxine Cooper

Dr Maxine Cooper is the former Auditor-General for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).  Prior to being appointed as the ACT Auditor-General, Dr Cooper was the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment and the Head of the ACT Water Security Taskforce.  Dr Cooper has held many senior executive roles in the ACT Government as well as other Australian jurisdictions and private practice. 

Dr Cooper has a PhD (Melbourne University); Masters of Environmental Science (Calgary University, Canada); Bachelor of Arts - Urban & Regional Planning from the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) (now Curtin University), Western Australia.  She is a Fulbright Fellow (USA) and Commonwealth Scholarship holder (Canada) and is a Fellow of the Planning Institute and the Australian and New Zealand Environment Institute.

Dr Cooper’s career has been as a senior executive in a wide range of government areas both in the ACT and in other Australian jurisdictions.  In her early career she worked in private practice. She retired in 2018 as  ACT Auditor-General having held that role since 2011.  She was previously Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, and prior to that, Head of the ACT Water Security Taskforce.

Speaker 1

Adam Stankevicius (Department of  Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (DITCRD) - City Deals City Deals as a model to promote better integrated planning, governance and investment for our cities and regions.

Adam has extensive senior executive experience across the Australian Government, not-for-profit sector and ACT Government, having joined the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development in October 2018. He is currently responsible City Deals in Tasmania and the Northern Territory and developing a Regional Deal in Albury-Wodonga.  Adam also has responsibility for Cities Policy and stakeholder engagement, as well as the Smart Cities and Suburbs Grants Program.  In previous senior executive roles, Adam has been responsible for the national Regional Development Australia Network, as well as the Australian Government’s interests on Norfolk Island.  In the ACT Government he had lead responsibility for a wide range of issues across a number of agencies, including regulatory reform, smart cities, cultural programs, events management, and strategic social and economic policy matters.

Adam is currently the acting Executive Director of the Cities Division within the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development.

(Previously advertised speaker Richard Wood has been called away and is no longer able to speak.)

Speaker 2
Terry Rawnsley (SGS Economic and Planning) - City Deals as a means to promote broader social, economic and environmental benefit

Terry is a renowned economist who provides advice to all tiers of government, not for profit organisations and the private sector. He is Australia’s leading thinker on the link between the urban productivity and the macroeconomy and is a regular media commentator on the functioning of our cities and regions. He is a prolific writer, producing regular research papers and contributing to academic debate across a broad range of topic. Terry was co-author to a chapter in the book ‘Australia’s Unintended Cities’ looking at the link between urban structure and productivity. 

In 2017, Terry was awarded the National Planning Champion Award by PIA, which is presented to a non-planner who promotes good planning and raises awareness of planning issues to the wider community.

Speaker 3
Chris Berry (Canberra Region Joint Organisation) - A City Deal for Canberra and the Region - A Prospectus

Chris Berry has worked in local government for over 30 years. He has served as Yass Valley Council's Director of Planning since 2014, making the move from Goulburn Mulwaree Council where he performed the roles of General Manager, Director of Planning & Community Services and Director of Corporate & Planning. He has also worked in local government in metropolitan Melbourne and Armidale.

Chris holds degrees in Town Planning, Environmental Science and Business Administration and is a Registered Planner and Fellow of the Australian Planning Institute.

Chris is also the current chair of the Canberra Region Joint Organisation Planners Network.

During his time at Yass Valley Council, Chris has risen to the challenge associated with growth in the local government area and the pressures associated with our close proximity to Canberra. Some of his biggest achievements have been the completion of the Settlement Strategy for the future growth of Yass Valley and finalising the Rural Lands Planning Proposal. Far from finished, Chris lists the overhaul of development contributions, implementing rezonings from the Settlement Strategy and Master Planning for Murrumbateman squarely on his agenda.

An avid road and track cyclist, Chris enjoys riding for both sport and recreation. He also loves travel and tries to combine the two passions as much as possible. 

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