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Second National Roundtable on the Paris Agreement and local government's climate action
Posted 20 May 2019 11:22am

ICLEI OceaniaGlobal Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) and Canberra Urban & Regional Futures (CURF) at the University of Canberra convened and hosted the Second National Roundtable on the Paris Agreement and local government's climate action.

Register for this event is closed.  

WHEN:  10.00am to 4.00PM Thursday 6 June 2019

WHERE: Ann Harding Conference Centre, Building 24 (NATSEM Building), University Drive South, University of Canberra, CANBERRA


Background of and further details for the event

Highlights will include presentations from the European Union Ambassador H.E. Dr Michael Pulch, the Ambassador of Denmark Tom Nørring, Lord Mayor of Hobart  Cr Anna Reynolds, University of Canberra Adjunct Professor Simon Corbell, as well as Commonwealth, State, Territory and Local Government leaders.

Climate change was a major focus of the recent Australian Federal Election campaign with all sectors of the community, business, NGOs and local government demanding real action. We have witnessed the climate emergency challenge gain momentum with communities, school students, local councils and now nations declaring action. Real action should  be measured, shared and part of a comprehensive approach to ensure it contributes to our  National or State Targets.

The  re-elected Coalition Government will face a challenge to meet our Nationally Determined Commitments (NDC) and it should motivate us to a doubling of our efforts for a stronger promotion of energy and climate policy and support programs to assist in meeting ambitious national renewable energy and emissions targets. What is still to be recognised is a coherent multi-government action plan for engagement and cooperative action.

The role of local government as both a facilitator for community ambition and a significant player in future planning in the transition to a low-carbon future is crucial. It begs the question, can we meet our Paris targets or State and Territory targets without buy-in from local councils and communities?

Internationally many Governments, including the European Union, support local government’s pivotal climate role. State Governments have various  programs  engaging local councils. The European Commission, through its Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA), is supporting this Australia wide consultation. 

This Second Roundtable will consider the findings of the national consultation that has examined a range of State Government, LG Associations and NGO programs and resources targeted at the local government sector. This is for the purpose  of establishing consistent approaches, synergies and partnerships through use of a common reporting framework as promoted by the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) and already adopted by 9300+ signatories worldwide.

The Roundtable will be a chance for participants to help map a pathway of action to support local councils to provide the innovation and planning necessary for a just transition to a low-carbon future while confronting and responding to climate risks and challenges. It will also highlight the possible roles of key stakeholders in establishing  unified efforts and consistent support for local councils as key implementation partners; and that these actions are counted as part of our Paris commitments and State based ambitions.

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM), is supported by ICLEI Oceania which has teamed with Canberra Urban & Regional Futures (CURF) at the University of Canberra to convene this Second Roundtable to support local government climate action.


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