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ABC News - CURF Researcher Jason Alexandra on the Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission
Posted 4 February 2019 2:54pm

Among the more sensational findings of the Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission was that the authority responsible for administering the plan acted unlawfully and failed to use the best available science, including climate science.

The inquiry's report, handed down this week, marked an extraordinary chapter in the Murray-Darling Basin's controversial and contested reforms, and revealed much about the messy way in which water and climate law, science and politics interact.

Why did SA decide to have a royal commission?

South Australians were outraged to discover NSW irrigators were taking billions of litres of water earmarked for the environment. Find out what happened next.
Restoring public trust in the governance of the basin is increasingly urgent.

The inquiry's finding that the Water Act's worthy ambitions were unlawfully compromised by the negligence and maladministration of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) — documented in over 700 pages of forensic legal detail — deserve to be treated seriously.....  

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