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CURF congratulates ACT Government on Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
Posted 23 May 2014 11:36am

“In the future Canberra will see warmer and drier conditions with increased frequency of natural disasters, including drought and bushfire, and severity of extreme weather events such as wild storms, flash flooding and prolonged heatwaves,” Mr Corbell said.

“Despite global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there will be inevitable changes to the planet’s climate in our lifetime.

“We must continue to reduce emissions to minimise the impacts of climate change. But we must also adapt to the inevitable changes that will occur to the environment.”

Adapting to a changing climate: Directions for the ACT outlines the future directions the territory, in consultation with the community, will take in ensuring an inclusive and forward-thinking Climate Change Adaptation Strategy to respond to the local risks and impacts of the changing climate. A copy of Adapting to a changing climate: Directions for the ACT can be accessed here.

CURF Director and chair of the ACT Climate Change Council, Professor Barbara Norman, congratulated the ACT Government on its innovative and inclusive stance on addressing the important issue of climate change adaptation in an interview on ABC 666 later that evening. To listen to the interview, please click below.

For further information, view the Territory's adaptation strategy here and for related news items click here.

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