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Healthy Urban Design inspired by Nordic countries- Realising the Potentials for Canberra
Posted 13 September 2018 9:32am

Healthy Urban Design inspired by Nordic countries- Realising the Potentials for Canberra
You are invited to participate in an international forum to discuss key urban policy issues affecting cities, both in Australia and abroad. Inspired by the Nordic countries of Europe we will engage together in a workshop dialogue that enables the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on on health and wellbeing, sustainable cities and smart communities.
Share your perspective on our planning and design culture, industry experience and engage with our international partners to advance key urban policy issues in Australia.

Share your observations with our international speakers and experts including:
• Norway: Mr. Peter Austin, Planning Advisor, Urban Development Department, City of Oslo;
• Australia: Prof. Rachel Davey, Director of the Health Research Institute at the University of Canberra;
• Denmark: Mr Peder Baltzer Nielsen, City Architect at the Municipality of Aalborg;
• Sweden: Prof. Michael Nilsson, Director at Hunter Medical Research Institute, Newcastle;
• Australia: Prof. Barbara Norman, Foundation Chair of Urban and Regional Planning and Director of Canberra Urban and Regional Futures at the University of Canberra;
• Germany: Gregor H. Mews, Founding Director of Urban Synergies Group and Researcher.

Registrations can be made at the following link: REGISTRATION

When: 9:00-11:30am Friday 2nd November 2018

Where: Ann Harding Conference Centre, Building 24 University of Canberra (located adjacent to the UC Early Childhood Centre, University Drive South).  Participants are encouraged to arrive by public transport, by walking or by cycling. Doors open at 8:30am.

For inquiries send an email:

 Download a copy of the event flyer here:  EVENT FLYER

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