University of Canberra
Latest CURF report now published: "Climate Change Adaptation in the Australian Capital Region: Emerging issues in the context of regional planning"
Posted 14 September 2017 11:56am

This research explores where an effective approach to climate change adaptation would benefit from cross-jurisdictional approaches, and it identifies key emerging challenges from a changing climate in the ACR and opportunities for transboundary collaboration and initiatives. The research also explores interlinkages between regional planning and climate change adaptation, and identifies the opportunity provided by integrated regional planning for building a more resilient and climate-adapted region.

The research approach has included a literature review of climate science and impacts in the region, adaptation studies and regional planning; analysis of plans and strategies from local, state and territory governments in the region to identify gaps and the extent of complementarity; and, interviews with 26 representatives from governments, regional organisations and industry associations.

Download a copy of the report here:

Climate Change Adaptation in the Australian Capital Region

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