University of Canberra
Research Projects
Dendrochronological sampling and analysis of mountain plum pine (Podocarpus lawrencei ) communities throughout the Australian Alps
State/Territory: NSW

This project aims to investigate whether the current period of above average temperatures and low snow cover has a precedent in the last 300 years. Specifically, the project aims to establish a spatially and temporally replicated sample set that is suited to the development of tree-ring chronologies using P. lawrencei. The proposal supporting this project focussed upon broadening the geographical and spatial extension of the existing P. lawrencei dataset as well as completing initial preparation and analysis of sample materials. Sampling was to be conducted on fire-affected sites in Victoria (Mt Buller, Cobberas and the Bogong High Plains) on the border of NSW and the ACT (Mt Gingera, Mt Bimberi and Mt Murray). The spatial extension of the existing P. lawrencei dataset will have several important outcomes. First, the spatial extension of our sample set will allow us to enhance climatological signals within our existing chronology and determine whether recent anomalous trends in the existing chronology are coherent throughout the Australian Alps. Second, age data will provide an insight into the extent and timing of large-scale fires

Geographic location:
Brindabella Range (ACT), Kosciuszko National Park (NSW), Alpine National Park (Vic.)
Research theme:
Climate Change and Sustainability
Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU
NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW)
Funding agency:
Australian Alps Liaison Committee
Main researchers:
Dr Matthew Brookhouse Keith McDougall (NSW DECCW)
30 May 2015 - 30 May 2015