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Measuring Tourism as the Economic Driver of Australian “Sea Change” Communities
State/Territory: NSW

This project investigates the role of tourism in driving local economic development in coastal Australian communities (including Eurobodalla) which are being impacted by the "sea change" phenomenon – the demographic trend of populations moving away from metropolitan areas to reside in the semi-urban or rural coastal regions. The purpose is to better understand the opportunities and challenges of tourism development brought about by the "sea change" phenomenon, and provide policy implications on better integrating tourism into local economic development planning in the coastal communities. Tourism in Australian coastal communities has been much investigated; however, no prior work has been done to approach it in the context of the quite recent social-demographic phenomenon of "sea change". This project aims to fill this important gap.

Geographic location:
Eurobodalla Shire NSW
Research theme:
Settlements and Infrastructure
University of Canberra
Funding agency:
University of Canberra
Main researchers:
Dr Richard Hu, University of Canberra
01 Jan 2011 - 31 Dec 2011