University of Canberra
Research Projects
Climate Change and the Public Sphere
State/Territory: ACT

Social Adaptation to Climate Change in the Australian Public Sphere: A comparison of individual and group deliberative responses to scenarios of future climate change. This is a 3-year Australian Research Council-funded project being undertaken by scholars from across social, political and natural science disciplines within the Australian National University. The aim is to gain a more in-depth understanding of how members of the public currently perceive and will potentially react to climate change and how they think they will respond to its future impacts. The project employs rigorous research methods to achieve these aims including: regionally modelled climate scenarios; Q-sort opinion mapping; qualitative interviewing; and a deliberative event.

Geographic location:
Australian Capital Region (including the ACT and Goulburn-Mulwarree)
Research theme:
Climate Change and Sustainability
The ANU (Research School of Social Sciences, Fenner School for Society and Environment)
Funding agency:
The Australian Research Council (Discovery Project)
Main researchers:
Dr Simon Niemeyer, Dr Kersty Hobson, Prof Michael Hutchinson, Dr Janette Lindsay, Prof Brendan Mackey
01 Mar 2009 - 31 Mar 2011