University of Canberra
27 May 2015
Institute for Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University. This document presents an evaluation of a national, four year, $15 million collaborative research program, the Landscapes and Policy Hub.
27 January 2015
Climate Council of Australia Limited. The record global warmth of 2014 is part of a long-term trend: the Earth is getting hotter. All of the world’s top 10 warmest years have occurred since 1998.
26 November 2014
This paper presents, inter alia, a review of the climate science and climate adaptation relevant to both the ACT and the region; a review of the ACT’s current policy response and framework in planning for climate change adaptation and an analysis of emerging leading practice adaptation principles and processes.
26 November 2014
This background paper draws upon recent academic literature on transformative inner urban development considerations and provides an analysis of best practice via desktop review of comparable case studies of inner urban transformation. The paper highlights key learnings and exemplars of best practice drawn from the case studies. The conceptual framework is urban planning and design, with the substantive analysis contextualised by a triple bottom line framework.
26 November 2014
This study provides an initial snapshot into the processes for identifying gaps in the statutory frameworks in the ACT that inhibit the ability of the Territory to ensure positive adaptive process and capacity. More significantly, the study draws on a fairly limited data set due to the ‘planning pipeline’ but engages in a substantial and contextualised analysis of current statutory frameworks within the ACT in identifying areas for improvement. It includes observations of current processes and practices and, where possible, the impacts of those processes and practices on the long term climate adaptation plan for the Territory.
25 July 2014
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre. This report presents the research findings on planning and fire risk as one component of a three-year research project “to identify legal, urban and regional planning and policy and administrative structures and processes to enhance integration of fire and emergency management imperative across policy sectors, agencies and portfolios, that is mainstreaming”. The focus of this report by the University of Canberra is on the role of urban and regional planning in relation to fire risk and emergency management. .