University of Canberra
Climate Change and Sustainability

Led by Professor WIll Steffen, this CURF theme provides a platform for a number of research priorities in this area, including climate change adaptation, coastal management, sustainable futures and leading climate science. 

CURF researchers work closely with government, industry and the community to produce collaborative and interdisciplinary research applicable for the academic and end user context alike. 

A key issue for Canberra as redevelopment occurs is ensuring there is an ongoing consideration of climate adaptation. That is, we are living in a changing climate now, and we need to bear that in mind as the city continues to develop. For example, green spaces are crucial on combatting the urban heat island effect. A continuing emphasis on resilience in terms of water supplies and consumption is essential as the city and region face an uncertain future in terms of rainfall and water resources.

Likewise, natural ecosystems will also need to adapt to climate change, and, as the bush capital, development in Canberra has a big impact on the capability of natural ecosystems to shift as the climate changes.