University of Canberra
Health and Wellbeing
Led by Dr Anthony Burton, the Health and Wellbeing stream is focussed on delivering integrated research findings for healthy and sustainable communities relevant to urban and regional planning.

Research in this stream explores the complex links between the natural and built environments, their interactions with the social environment, and their impact on the emotional and physical wellbeing of the community, and of families and individuals. The research group has high-end survey development, design and analysis expertise used to understand the key factors influencing health and wellbeing, including (amongst others) adaptive capacity, social capital, social identity, caring for country and land, and connection with natural and built environments, as well as the way that changes such as global warming and environmental degradation can affect these. We conduct our research with an appreciation of the way in which communities are shaped by their physical location and the unique challenges facing people living across the spectrum from inner cities to rural, regional and remote areas.